Liyas Thomas

Titles don't mean anything. That's why I removed mine. I do what I love. Have a vision and everything is possible.

My Projects

GitHub repositories that I've built.

👻 Lightweight realtime markdown viewer and editor - Simple, clean and beautiful
JavaScript 354 35
🎨 Color schemes for UI design - Optimized for foreground, background, border, etc.
JavaScript 151 17
📚 Find books from Google Play Books - For all the book lovers in the world.
🚩 A simple and clean banner generator - Banners on the go.
JavaScript 100 32
👓 Augmented Reality for everyone - Out of the world experiences
🌊 Feel life again from a new perspective.
🍭 Home - Where I live
JavaScript 35 5
🎶 Get song lyrics. No BS.
🅿 Parking lot registration system built with pure JavaScript, HTML, CSS.
🍍 A simple, clean note app - Get organized from everywhere on earth.
👋 Project done for @hankified
JavaScript 14 5
🔮 Web platform to make augmented reality fun & interactive - Your augmented reality workspace
JavaScript 13 3

My Interests

Topics that I want to learn more about.